paint the wall


Goethe Satellite @ Graffiti Research Lab
PWN THE WALL – Vancouver/Berlin/Seoul
in cooperation with Graffiti Research Lab Canada, Graffiti
Research Lab Germany, W2 Community Media Arts, Platoon Cultural
Development and Revised Projects

curated by Daniel Daoudi

PWN THE WALL is a 25 hour interactive digital graffiti event
connecting Vancouver, Berlin, and Seoul. Created by GRL members
in Canada, Germany, and South Korea, PWN THE WALL uses
open-source technology to collapse geographical space through a
real-time telematic exchange. Simultaneous live digital painting
events in all three cities will showcase local graffiti writers.
The installation is interactive and open to the public for the
duration of PWN THE WALL.

Berlin – Platoon Kunsthalle,
Vancouver – W2 Media Cafe,
Seoul – Platoon Kunsthalle,