melodie – die kunst des anderen @ kunsthalle platoon

PLATOON KUNSTHALLE BERLIN: SALON REVOLUTIONÄR is a vibrant and surprising series of performances, combining elements of modern dance, media arts, music, projection mapping and role playing games into a single event.

MELODIE – DIE KUNST DES ANDEREN (theatrical video performance)

by Daniel Daoudi



After a successful trip to the DOCUMENTA13 (Temporary Home) Daniel Daoudi is back in town with his theatrical video performance „Melodie – die Kunst des Anderen“, a site-specific performance thematizing „Utopia“ and confronts a new perspective of our reality:

„The utopia theories of the past is our reality and the theories of the present is the reality of our future. in this context we work on different perspectives because we think that it is a way to understand us and to create our utopia for the future!“

this unique group performance is a collaboration by:

Daniel Daoudi · concept, director
Anna Anderegg · dance, performance, choreography
Marion Glöggler · dance, performance, choreography
Stella Maxeiner · performance
Marco Barotti · sound, performance
Hervè Thiot · painting
Michal Dudek · installation & paiting
Henne Fritze · video projection
Birk Schmithüsen · video projection
Ben Bernhard · camera
Antoniya Ivanova · fashion designer