inner space soundscape

,The Inner Space Soundscape invites you to discover immersive sounds from noise to ambient, live performances and visual journeys over six days. The Inner Space Sounscape will take place in the 3D Klangdome at the Gaswerksiedlung, Berlin. We started this project with the idea to create a free space for artists to collaborate and presenting their work in an unique surrounding.

Klangdome is the world’s first portable dome installation carrying a full-sphere surround sound technique. Ambisonics is an open source sound system, designed to spread the sound evenly throughout the three-dimensional sphere. It covers sound sources above and below the listener. A combination of this sound system to experience a very unique quality of sound.

collaboration by Klangdome & Lab Montage

Gats (live) ,Seedling (live) , Mamazu, Leave me to my fairy tale (live),
VJ Mahir Duman, Lan Hungh, Niklas Ottander, Johan Planefeldt, Zoroxxe, Martin Steer, Michał Krajczok, Thomash, Peter Power, jiony, Ali Somay, Trig Fardust, Pneuumbra, Sarkis Ricci, Mat Radz, D.Tuomi, ROSYAN.  LogicNOT, nordin

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