find the art

Find the art
installation, 30 min,
idea/concept by Daniel Daoudi
a collaboration by Sandina Lindgren and Daniel Daoudi

The idea of fine the art is to play with the public space with different artists from different fields. The scenario could be anyware in the world. The camrea view reminds on a certain camera which observes us and the public spaces. The perspective to the scene changes in the mind of the viewer. Where is the art/artists .. who could it be! It changes our view to the behaviour of the people in public spaces. Also for the people in the public space – do they find the art?

We want to spread the idea to the world to join the project with an video in there public space. Through different videos we want to copy a website which looks like the certain website for public cameras in the world wide web. Our goal is to show how we can use the public space and show a political will of citizen rights!

Guest artists:
Ehud Darash
Sarah Grether
Regina Lissowska
Bianca Xavier de Mendonca
Mireille Rosner
Marco Ugolini
Camera: Simona Caranica

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