biennale berlin @ St. Elisabeth Church

The Pornography of Everyday Life


St. Elisabeth-Church

The pornography of everyday life is an allegory of the numerous perversions, excitations, agitations, ecstasies, extremes, discontents, illusions, disillusions, frustrations, joy, satisfaction or stress we encounter on a daily basis.

In the framework of the 7th Berlin Biennial’s Draftsmen’s Congress conceived by Pawel Althamer, the Berlin-based art project space SAVVY Contemporary will invite ca 20 intellectuals, artists, curators, lay-men, and scientists (from the West and Non-West) to express an aspect in their daily life that causes enormous excitement, happiness, or elation, as well as those things that put them in a state of rage, agitation, or disquietude. Since the Draftsmen’s Congress demands that the participants use the illustration to express themselves, The pornography of everyday life will go a step further and do a combination of an extension of the concept of illustration and the concept of the children’s guessing game called Pictionary.

Participants are Annette Jael Lehmann (Theoretican, Professor FU Berlin | Berlin), Bjorn Melhus (Artist | Berlin), Carson Chan (Curator | Berlin), Christophe Ndabananiye (Artist | Berlin), Claudia Lamas Cornejo (Art Manager | Berlin), Dalila Dalleas Bouzar (Artist | Berlin), Daniel Daoudi (Artist, Curator | Berlin), Eemil Karila (Artist | Berlin), Marcio Carvalho (Artist | Berlin), Maud Eglantine Piquion (Art Manager, Curator | Berlin), Nasan Tur (Artist | Berlin), Nezaket Ekici (Artist | Berlin), Paul Huf (Artist | Berlin), Pauline Doutreluingne (Curator | Berlin), Ralf Schmerberg (Artist, Producer, Facilitator | Berlin), Satch Hoyt (Artist | Berlin), Susanne Husse (Curator | Berlin), Van Bo Le-Mentzel (Architect, Designer | Berlin), Yassine Balbzioui (Artist | Berlin)