familie flöz

Familie Flöz is an international theatre company based in Berlin.

Originating from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen, today it stands for the rediscovery of theatre with masks.

In the name of this constantly changing company – taken from the title of the first joint play „Familie Flöz kommt Über Tage“ – there is also a self-conception hidden. In the jargon of mining, „Flöz“ refers to the layers of soil in which valuable raw materials are stored. In a collective creative process, archetypal character are created for each production in an interplay of improvisation, masks and writing. To date, the ensemble has developed twelve full-length plays for these characters, which often cannot be assigned to any common genre, but are always comprehensible across language boundaries.

As stage designer lab montage was assisting the European Tour 2017 e. g. Lisbon, Milano, & Collogne